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Throughout history, serial murder cases have gripped not only our nation but the entire world.  

Our Serial Defense Podcasts provide life-saving tactics and physical techniques to defeat a violent offender.

For decades, killers and sex offenders have made their ugly mark on society by abducting, sexually assaulting and killing men, women, and children, all for their own sick and twisted pleasure.  Share this website with loved ones and friends to spread the word about the content here at SerialDefense.com. It just may be your lifeline to defeating violent offenders.

Joey Walker

Hi!  I’m Joey Walker, creator of the new Serial Defense Program.

I created the Serial Defense website and Podcast to assist the general public when a series of sex crimes and/or homicides have or are occurring in a specific area, and to show how ordinary citizens can take proactive measures for their own self-defense, and, for the defense of their family members.

Those who study True Crime can attest to the fact that Serial Killers and Serial Sex Offenders learn from one another.  Many of these violent offenders have been known to read books, watch movies or television shows about other offenders and believe they can commit their crimes better than the last offender.
Serial defense affords us an opportunity to learn from past and present violent offenders while providing viable options to survive a violent encounter for those who may someday find themselves in harm’s way. 
Serial Defense has three main components:
  1. Provide information on the selected serial sex offender or serial killer
  2. Enlighten you on risk factors and relevant issues about their victims
  3. And lastly, provide lifesaving tactics and physical techniques that can be used to defeat a violent offender.rogr

Books Available - Written By Joseph Walker

Book title written by Joey Walker
Book written by Joseph B. Walker


Disarm and Disable: The Active Shooter Defense Guide,
Joey B. Walker’s 3rd published book, is available on Amazon.

The book was created  for the worst-case scenarios if you were to find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time – and no trained professionals are there to help.

Book Title: Shots Fired
Book written by Joseph B. Walker


Shots Fired: Surviving An Active Shooter / Assailant
Joey Walker’s 2nd published book, distributed through Archway Publishing and available for purchase on Amazon.com. 

The book details Walker’s  approach to his trainings and seminars, providing readers insights and tactics on how to survive in an active shooter situation.

Featured PODCAST

Serial killers among us ...

From Robert Bogison, LAPD Detective

I made time to listen to both parts of Rodney Halbower. Extremely well done.

Bob Penegor and I spent many hours discussing the Michelle Mitchell murder back in 1978 and on numerous occasions throughout his retirement years  – up until his death.  During the murder trial in 1979, while I was assigned to the Intelligence Unit, I was tasked with the responsibility of housing and providing 24-hour protection for Marge Carter – a witness for the prosecution. 

I am thoroughly impressed with your attention to detail in all aspects/subjects in this presentation which filled in some blanks for me who was marginally involved in the case.

You missed your calling, Joey.  I spent 5 years as a Homicide Detective with Reno, and over 14 years with LAPD.  I quit counting how many homicides I worked after 300.  I said it before, and I’ll say again. 

Too damn bad we didn’t work together as partners – you’re right up there with the best. 

I am at a loss to add anything that could possibly add anything that could possibly improve what you are doing in your presentations – they are very thorough and extremely well-constructed. 

Because you are promoting such a well-scripted, well informed, and this truly beneficial program to your fellow Americans, feel free to reach out for any feedback – although I must add, predicated upon what I have already read and heard in your presentations, it will be more likely than not, that I could possibly suggest or improve upon what you have already put forth. 

God Damn great work Joey,



Joseph Walker created Leading Edge Threat Mitigation, which actively provides real-world tactical and technical information on how to mitigate any number of threats from active shooter defense, protection against stalkers, and self-defense courses for civilian and law enforcement personnel. Some of the courses available include:
  • Active Shooter Training for Organizations
  • Street Crime Self Defense
  • Martial Art Street Survival
  • Women’s Self Defense
  • Kids Safety in Schools
  • Private Lessons
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